Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Arrived...

I thought I would give everyone a little proof, that I have been neglecting the blog a little so I can roll out some new products at Pineapple Grove Gifts.  

So here is your sneak peek...all will be on the site tomorrow, but won't be in stock until the end of June.  As of July 1st, they will have a turnaround time 7-10 business days...that INCLUDES shipping.  They are high quality acrylic, 16" square handled PREPPY TRAYS.  Here are some of our favorite designs...the hardest part is selecting your pattern.  All can be personalized with an initial, monogram or name.
The best part?  You can purchase a similar large scale tray for well over $100 or even $500 (those of you who read T & C know what I am talking about!), but these are $60.  

Perfect for:

Those fabulous friends letting you use their beach house.

Unique wedding or engagement gift.

The mother-in-law who has EVERYTHING.

and if you are like me, YOURSELF.

On another note, my friend K and I leave tomorrow for the Lilly Warehouse Sale.  Mini K has an end of the year party at school and will not be making the trip.  We had previously picked up a little happy for Trisha at Lilly P...or as Mini K calls her, Miss Trisha.  Well when I picked her up at school today she asked when I was leaving to go get pink and green, yes I know this is a dangerous habit to start at 31/2.  I told her tomorrow and she immediately asked if I would see Miss Trisha.  When I said yes, I was told remember to say thank you Mommy and see if I can come play later.  She also insisted we stop and pick up a few of her favorite treats for Miss Trisha, because she will need energy to work.  So we arrived home with some goodies (Trisha, I officially declare them calorie and fat free!) and wrapped them up. 

For all of you moms out there, I know you will agree with me.  When someone shows your child kindness, you feel so much more than grateful.  So I truly cannot wait to say thank you in person.  

And for the record, in case Mr. Grove asks, NO you really can't have too much Lilly.  It is just NOT possible.  


Sandra said...

Those trays are a MH. What a fabulous gift - for me ;-) Have fun tomorrow. Your daughter is precious! xoxo

Gifting Gumshoe said...

Very Cute!!

Imjustagirl said...

Sounds like fun! So jealous. I hope you find lots of pretties!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Cute, cute products.

Have a great time at the Lilly P show!