Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

No this photo wasn't taken today, but it reminds me of the only positive from all of this rain...everything is GREEN!  It also means that we got our photos back today from the amazingly talented Kassie Baker.  We are in the middle of a terrible storm and my first husband (that is what I call him when he is, um on a nerve) is telling me to get off of the computer.  

Of course knowing that I should not be on the phone or computer only makes me want to use both.

I have been cleaning and if any of you have a Sam in your life that is:
1.  a girl
2.  she is not over the age of 14

Leave me a comment as i found a fabulous monogrammed sports bottle that a client never picked up.  It is is that for birthday or holiday shopping...FREE

I am off to put on my wellies and grab my umbrella, because our puppy becomes a scared little one in these storms.

Stay dry.

1 comment:

Brooks said...

Hey K, so glad I recently found your blog - I "blame" you for hooking me on Firefly vodka, your arnold palmer recipe is the best drink ever! I did find the vodka at the bradlee shopping center ABC store, fyi - TWICE if you ever run out and don't want to wait for shipping! Anyway, we call my daughter Samantha, "Sam" a lot and I would love the sports bottle if you still have it. Also, I'd like to schedule a time to come look at your albums and order some gifts (plates and stationary maybe) that I am behind on. Thanks! Brooks M.