Thursday, June 25, 2009

Such a Strange Week

I haven't meant to be MIA this week, but sometimes life just takes you for a ride. We are heading to the great white north on Wednesday to see my in-laws for the holiday weekend so I have been trying to get everything in order. Grove Gal E and I also took in the Beyonce show this week and were one box over from Mrs. it was a little crazy to say the least. I also must say I had no real expectation of what the show would be like....well let me tell you Beyonce puts on quite a 4 inch heels. My feet hurt just watching her! I may be alone on this one, but I always find myself discovering new songs after I see someone in concert. Other than Jimmy Buffet, I don't think I have ever been to a concert and known all of the songs.

I also rediscovered a blog this week that truly feels like it was a gift. I know no one's life is perfect, and I too am guilty, of dwelling on things that I can't change. It was great to read about someone in a similar situation and I am even more focused after reading to stay much as my friends get sick of hearing me say it...It Is What It Is.

There are also two friends that were supposed to be having life changing events this upcoming weekend...a wedding and birth...neither are taking place. They are both in my thoughts and I hope this weekend brings them something fabulous.

I had planned on posting some deals today, see I did at least remember that it is Discount Thursday, but then the bad news started rolling in: first Farrah and then Michael Jackson?!?! I keep thinking of my first summer in D.C. when I was in college, listening to PYT on my yellow waterproof Sony walkman. I can't remember if I loved running on the mall due to my Thriller cassette or the people watching. I know I just dated myself and some of you may not even remember the yellow Sony walkmans, but I bet we all have a Michael Jackson memory.

The one deal I will leave you with is the Patagonia Friends & Family Sale. 30% off with code: PATPAL

Tomorrow I will be back to my old self with some shopping tips, the household insanity and a PGG update, but tonight I want to sleep and wake up ready to enjoy the day.


a. said...

I had that same yellow Sony walkman.

What a long strange trip it's been.

Have a good weekend.

DMLD said...

My thoughts are with your friends and as far as people getting sick of you saying, "It is What It Is", don't let it get you down.

My saying is "This Too Shall Pass".

And although I am probably dating myself too, I too remember the yellow Sony Walkman. Try to explain what those were to your kids. . . :) We thought we were so cool because we had them.

Keep a smile on and remember - It is what it is and this too shall pass. :)

AnneG said...

I absolutely remember that Sony Walkman...had one myself. I think I just reccently tossed it...or maybe I still have it. Nostalic you know! Can't picture you at a Beyonce concert! But, glad you had a nice time. Good weekend.