Sunday, June 14, 2009

Belated Thanks

Sunday, seriously?  Already...hmmm, seems my brain is in slow motion and the my clock is on speed.  I became a little obsessed with a new needlepoint project this weekend and preppy puppy hasn't been feeling so hot so we are off to the vet tomorrow.  I also had so much fun at our new book club on Friday night.  I have been whining for years that I wanted to be in a book club, Mr. Grove's response was start one...and I did.  Isn't it amazing how sometimes other people can see things so clearly and you look at it the problem/goal and only see obstacles?  It is quite an eclectic group at book club, some ladies I have known since my Texas days, other through work, some from volunteering or working out and one is actually a friend of one of Mr. Grove's friends. I confess I was a little nervous to see if everyone would get along, but we did and now we have to select next month's book.It also seems I am beyond appropriately late in saying thank you to 2 of you for awards.

MMM was one of the first blogs I read and it was so funny to see how all southern girls have the same fears of moving to a northern city.  Where can I watch college football, closet space, how the dog will take it, but we all learn one such an expensive city, how is it they have the cheapest mani/pedis around?  If anyone knows the answer I would love to hear it.
I am supposed to say what I am grateful for...for the answer is what am I now grateful for?  I am always amazed by Mini K's absolute love of life, and Mr. Grove's patience...seriously with 2 women in the house he is amazing.  All of my friends, Grove Gal E's health and that so many friends are having babies this year.  See I told you I could go on and on.

And  Loving Life, I have enjoyed reading your blog and you always find such great things.  So thank you for the Lovely Blog award.
Thank you to both of you for thinking of me!  Now this is the tough part for me...I am supposed to give the award to others...I don't have problem sharing, I just can't ever decide so I give this award to all of my followers, because I am always finding new sites, stores, and items that I wonder how I lived without.

Now since blog land seems to be the finder of all things, well Nina is at least, I need, umm I guess want is the better word, a white ceramic watch to wear to the pool.  Something nicer than my workout Ironman but not my Cartier or David Yurman...I have seen the Michael Kors and of course the Chanel (LOVE, LOVE) and even some on  I already have a Michele watch so I want a different brand...suggestions????

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