Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pink and Green Anyone????

A quick deal before I hit the rode with my friend K and a big diet coke. Tucker Blair is giving all of us a very special deal. This week only their fabulous needlepoint headbands are on sale for $25...marked down fromt heir retail price of $40. For those of you that needlepoint, you know you cannot even purchase the supplies you would need to make your own for this price.

My favorites? Why pink and green of course, but then again, I am in a Lilly state of mind!

A little pink...

Or a slice of lime?

Check out their other fabous patterns HERE.


MMM said...

Left you something on my blog post from Wednesday!

Hopsy said...

How I wish thick headbands works with my hair. I love anything needlepoint and would aodre pairing either the pink or green polka dot with a preppy ensemble!