Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer's Walking Away...Be Back Soon

Mini K starts kindergarten in less than a week and I feel like this summer has flown can probably guess I have lost track of time due to my lack of posts!

Our summer highlights have included:

The birth of our good friends' son and promotion to Big Sister for his sister

Mini K & Mr. G's first roadtrip solo

Watching Baby C take his first steps, followed by his first fall

Mini K take the scissors to her hair which resulted in a very short bob for this school year and her constant inquiries as to why a girls hairstyle is called a boys name (I have no answer)
Watching Mini K jump up and down when she opened a letter from her new kindergarten teacher (the one she prayed she would get all summer) and finding out her best friend Abby is in her class...more jumping and screaming

Starting my running back up with a new partner that is faster andholds me 6am

Feeling like I am back in school the moment I put on my new Tory Burch loafers, BUY THEM, they are the shoe fountain of youth or remembrance

Being relieved that it was only an earthquake in D.C. and not a terrorist attack

But most of all, this summer I tried to step back and enjoy and photograph ALL of the moments and I am so happy I did.

I hope you will come back next Monday, as I promise to be back to regular posting, and I cannot wait to share some of my new finds and Grove Gal E's and mine's latest venture with all of you!

Until then, hug your loved ones a little bit tighter, write an ACTUAL letter to a friend, put a stamp on it and mail it and buy some crayons, smell them and remember your first day of school and donate them to a school supply drive so another child can start the year with a sense of wonder as it is PRICELESS!

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Landlocked Mermaid said...

Love this post!! When did K cut her own hair?? That girl! Loved seeing you today.. and yes i will visit the Grove and find me some treats xoxo