Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Everyone Deserves A Treat

For those of you that live in D.C., or within driving distance, Grove Gal E and I will not be responsible for your caloric consumption. For those of you who don't live near, I don't think it is possible to gain weight from simply looking at a photo, but you may notice your Fed Ex or UPS man "taste testing" your boxes.

A couple of days ago I mentioned that back to school time always leaves me thinking of fresh starts, or in this case a sweet fresh start. My friend Erica is amazing...for starters, she is stunning, tall, thin, perfect curly hair (I consider myself an expert on perfect curly hair, because I have spent a small fortune making imperfect curly hair straight!), a Notre Dame law school grad, amazing mom and now business owner!

If she can go from learning to play tennis to being captain of our club team in a year, you can imagine how successful her latest venture will be: let me introduce you to Treats By Erica.

Mini K can spot one of her marshmallow pops at 100ft, and Mr. G will pick one of her bon bons over any chocolate store, but my downfall, and ladies, let me tell you, these are worth every single extra minute on the treadmill: her chocolate covered pretzels!
If you want to see more photos of her sweets you can find her on Facebook right HERE.

She makes everything herself, and puts so much effort into every last detail, from the pink label, to emailing you to get things just right. She will ship and if you are lucky enough to live here, she will deliver! Her treats make great favors and I have been known to show up with dessert trays as hostess gifts! The best part is unlike many bakeries, Erica doesn't make you order 3 dozen of anything and will work with you to create the perfect treat package for you.

So the next time you need to send a little sugar to your college student, friend or just want an indulgence, consider yourselves introduced to Erica!

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Beantown Prepster said...

Good lord please tell me she ships to England! Miss you!!!