Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back To School Prep

I decided to throw all of my energy into my to-do list. With Mini K's first day of school less than a month away, it is a long one.

Her big decision every year is picking out her backpack and lunchbox. The older she gets, the more memories it brings back of doing that same task.

While she always picks, I always steer her towards the Garnet Hill catalog. Their backpacks hold up and they always run a great August special: a FREE lunchbox with every backpack order....not to mention I still haven't figured our while Pottery Barn Kids really only offers a full name on their backpacks. Seriously, every child safety expert tells parents whatever you do, do NOT put a kid's name on their backpacks, coats, etc because it gives strangers too much personal information about your child.

So kindergarten will be the year of the peace signs for Mini K!

I had Garnet Hill monogram the lunch box for only $6, but I always take the backpack to Chase Moon Designs inside the Purple Goose for its monogram. Garnet Hill monograms the backpack the same size as the lunchbox and that is just too small for my taste.
Chase on the other hand, might be a Texan at heart, because she knows the Bigger is Better rule!

For those of you not in the D.C. area you can find Chase Moon at her etsy store and she does ship! A few friends have had items ship directly to her and she ships them right out! If you are in D.C. head on over to her store inside of The Purple the entire summer collection (clothes AND shoes) are 50% off!

Next on the running and tennis shoes for me! It's tax free weekend here after all!


Anonymous said...

I actually got my daughter a backpack from PBK & they don't make you monogram/put name on anything unless you want-do u mean u couldn't just get initial monograms on items?

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