Monday, August 29, 2011

Back To School Teacher Gifts

Tomorrow is Mini K's first day of kindergarten and we are all beyond excited with the teacher and teacher's assistant she was assigned. If that wasn't enough, her two best friends are in her class and there is NO REST time in kindergarten. I am pretty sure this is the 5 year old equivalent of being told you can walk out of Bergdorf's with new shoes, a Verdura ring and all the Goyard you can carry!

I always like to take a little something for the teacher and assistant on the first day. They work so hard getting the classrooom ready and deserve a special treat. I try to think of something that Mini K and I can do together. I altered a teacher appreciation week candy gram idea I saw on Eighteen25.

I purchased the plastic paint can at Michael's and picked upt he candy at our local CVS.
We added and changed the original wording so it reflected the start and not end of the school year.
For the aide in her classroom, we filled one of PGG's fabulous double insulated 24oz cups with individual packets of Crystal Light and added a scallop punched note that says:
I am so excited you will be the kindergarten "ade"!
Mini K cannot wait to take them into school.

Last year we made a Sharpie bouquet. I let her pick out about 12 sharpies at staples and we wrapped them in grosgrain ribbon and put them in a mint julep cup with a card that said: "Teachers are just like Sharpies, they leave a permanent mark!"

You can always fill a chinese takeout box with mints, gum and other treats with a note that says: " I am so FORTUNE-ATE to have you as my teacher!"

Or a coffee tumbler with some Starbucks instant coffee packets and a note that says: "I PERKED right up when I heard you were my teacher!"

All of these ideas are somuch fun to put together with your little one and don't take a lot of time, which is great for working moms like me!

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Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Such a sweet idea. I'm sure that they will love it! Hope Mini K loves kindergarten!