Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Is Too Short To Do Dishes

Summer is officially here! I had the not so bright idea to kick it off with a 30 Paleo Diet Challenge...no one said I was smart!

Summer is also the season of visits with friends and family, backyard parties and entertaining galore. I love selecting a menu (well before the Paleo challenge!), cooking, seeing or visiting friends, but the clean up...not so much.

Grove Gal E feels the same way so we have been on a hunt for the past year for high quality personalized styrofoam cups (yes I know environmentalists hate them!), because ladies don't sweat and this includes their beverage of choice!

We are happy to report we have found a supplier that passes our test and the prices are great too! The cups come in sizes ranging from 4oz to 32oz and you can pick your favorite size, monogram style and color.

50 Cups are $48 and the more you order the better the price. We think they are the perfect gift to when visiting friends houses, for your next family reunion, for a housewarming or a send off for your favorite college student...and don't forget yourself. You deserve to take a break from all those dirty glasses!

We are working to get these on our website, but for now email us at grovegifts@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you with your selections and ordering.


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