Saturday, June 18, 2011

Smoked Chicken Salad Dip

If you thought I was going to post a recipe think again. Mini K has been talking NONSTOP about this dish and her desire to make it.

There is one problem...actually make that 2:

1. I have NO CLUE where she ever ate this and don't think I have had it myself (it does sound good)

2. Cannot find a recipe for it online anywhere

So instead we made turkey and brie turnovers, homemade macaroni salad and have an apple crisp all ready to go in the oven for Father's Day lunch.

I find this entire search quite funny as each day Mini K says she wants to be a chef no less than 5 times!

I know so many of you have exciting Saturday night plans, but brace yourselves you might want to cancel them to join me...

I have a date with roughly 500 torn out magazine pages, some dividers and some pink and green 3-ring binders and 3 bags of Lilly Pulitzer, Mini Boden and Pink Chicken to photograph so I can list on ebay on Monday evening.. Organization will be mine tonight!

While I do love Pinterest, there is something about a magazine that I never will be able to fully embrace online only. Mr. G makes fun of me because I have a wedding binder...that I started AFTER we got married, but then again I do introduce him as my first husband. KIDDING. Mini K will have a library to go through by the time she gets married, and if Mr. G figures out a way to hire SEAL Team 6 to accompany her to college and guard her until she is 40, I might need to rent a building to hold all of the binders!

Happy Saturday!

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