Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oxfords & Oysters

This past weekend Grove Gal E and I crossed not one but two bridges to head to Oxfords & Oysters. If you live within driving distance next year you must come. It was the perfect way to end the summer: great weather, on the water, preppy clothes and good company.

The gift bags: OVER THE TOP

The cocktails: Looked go nice and refreshing but I did not indulge with the 13.1 mile run looming a mere 14 hours in the future

The oysters: They were there..looking amazing but again said run stopped me

The talented team at Sky Blue Events organized the entire event and it was great to finally put faces with twitter names and websites! The SB team is planning a holiday event: Tartans and Tidings and I already cannot wait!

As mentioned, the gift bag did not disappoint!

Tomorrow it's officially fall...the weatherman is predicting 92 degrees. I am one of those people that when the seasons change I insist on altering my wardrobe...even if that means I fight with the weather. This year I am blaming O & O, because the gift bags contained a gift certificate to Elizabeth McKay and let's just say my wishlist is not short!


WorthyStyle said...

I definitely cannot wait to see how the planning for Tartans & Tidings turns out in the coming months. It is already on my calendar!

Pink Prayer Journal said...

I loooved the gift bag. I had so much fun!