Monday, September 20, 2010

Head To Toe

Summer is officially over my opinion it ended when school started. It also ended when I walked into Lowes to purchase paint to see them putting up the Christmas displays. At the risk of sounding old, wasn't it great when stores celebrated one holiday before they moved onto another one?

Fall and spring are my favorite seasons...maybe it is because they aren't extreme in either direction: hot or cold. I always think of fall as the season to prepare and spring as the time to start fresh. I woke up this morning wondering if I would feel sore after yesterday's run...I did, but I also realized as I raced to make my flight that life is ALWAYS going to be a work in progress soI might as well slow down and pay attention.

I promise there is a reason to my random musings. Hats and socks. Yes that is what I typed. How fun are winter hats and socks as adults? I am not talking about Derby hats, or the ultra hip ski attire versions or the my life could be a Patagonia catalog, but day to day hats and socks...the answer not so much.

But when you are a baby and a kid hats and socks can be fun! I started my search for hats for Baby C's first winter (thank goodness it is not predicted to be anywhere near as snowy as last year!) and rediscovered an old favorite and stumbled upon a new one ..both I wanted to share wth you!

Le'ts start at the top, and the new find...and you need to look no further than Melondipity. This site is just too cute. I am ordering these two adorable numbers for Baby C and the frou frou pink for who else but Mini K! The prices are great and they have styles I haven't seen anywhere else.

Now to my old favorite...I am telling you these make the BEST baby gift, but your little one will outgrow them by 8-9 months or so. In other words, buy them early. I am talking about what I call foot poufs...Yo My Booties. They come in just about every color. I am ordering the navy below for Baby C and Mini K had the pink ones. Trust me they look cuter on and you will get stopped every 5 feet when you little one wears them.

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Who am I? said...

I love celebrating one holiday at a time! I work at Nordstrom as a manager and its one of the reasons I love the company. We proudly celebrate one holiday at a time; our Christmas decor is unveiled on Black Friday...the day after Thanksgiving!