Monday, September 6, 2010

New Year

I realize I am no longer in school, but I still think of the Frist Day of School as a new year. I thought this after college before I had kids, but now with Mini K it truly feels like we are blessed with two New Year's every year.

I am officially the mom of a pre-K student. I am not sure where the time has gone, but I won't dwell on that, because, well it makes me sound like my mother!

I took last week off (if anyone still reads this, welly ou already knew that)....but we are back and have so much in store for our clients, fans and friends. Before I get to that I have to share a couple of photos from the big first day of school. We opted for the purple leopard print backpack this seems Mini K knew that animal prints were "in" before Rachel Zoe said so.
The backpack, monogrammed of course!

As you can see, we had to drag her up the stairs!

Mini K loves her new classroom and teacher...

The Grove's first trunk show of the Fall/Holiday Season is September 24th in Alexandria...we cannot wait to preview our new gift lines and all of the new photo holiday cards.

There are too many specials to name but let's just say several involve the word FREE. Also if you are in the Dallas, TX, Washington, D.C. or Alexandria, VA area and are interested in hosting a trunk show send us an email. Since we believe in the power of presents, hostesses receive a hostess gift (you didn't think we would show up empty handed did you?), free shipping and a rewards gift depending on your show.

Also we are announcing a giveaway this week (hint, hint tomorrow!) on twitter/facebook and finally the blog so friend us!

Twitter: grovegifts
Facebook: Pineapple Grove Gifts
Blog: you are reading it so you found us!

Now I am off to list Mini K's too short items on ebay and finish my Christmas shopping list. Several of you have asked about Halloween, and the answer is Mini K still cannot decide!



Nelle Somerville said...

I truly hope she is a Hon with a bee hive and Mini C is Duff!!! xoxo

mFw said...

Mini K is just so cute and I love the backpack!! I've tagged you on my blog!