Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Wish List

Well it's offically fall..just don't look at the forcast that says 85-90 degrees, in D.C., at the end of September. Since I can't exactly wear my fall clothes that I are in my closet, and I dont want to wear my summer clothes anymore, I planned out my fall wishlist. I will warn you some of these items, you have heard about before, I just want more...what I can I say.

Lululemon...I have heard every argument from friends as to why $98 for a pair of yoga pants is too much to spend, but you know what? My Lululemon groove pants from 3 years ago still look new and the Target ones that were only $19.99 have been replaced at least 4 times because they fall apart. I also wore my Groove pants all the way through my pregnancy (not saying they looked good at the end!) and they returned to their original size. So in the long run they cost me less per wear than my Target ones...and cost per wear is the equation that
I am sticking to!
I have to blame the Oxfords and Oysters gift bag for my next two items, because if it
wasn't for the Elizabeth McKay gift certificate and the Dixie Patches postcard I wouldn't have looked at the site, and fallen in love with EVERYTHING, but these two items will find a new home with me in the next couple of weeks.
How cute is this Bassett Coat? I love to pick out a color!

I also fell in love with the charm bracelets and cufflinks from Dixie Patches. I am thinking I will start a southern themed bracelet for Mini K and cufflinks for Baby C.

And there is one thing I purchase EVERY season are my emi-jay hair ties and headbands. If you haven't ordered from these, LIFE CHANGING in humidity.
What's on your fall wish list?

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