Friday, September 10, 2010

Wrap It Up

I had this post planned .... for Wednesday...and then Baby C reminded me that when you live in a house with a baby control goes out the window. He has been under the weather, but still happy as a clam. We turned a corner today so I can bring you Wednesday's post..on a Friday night.

This has made come up with a weekend resolution, because those yearly ones, well yeah they don't ever seem to happen. I am going to learn how to schedule posts..before all of you stop reading and I am left talking to myself without the excuse of the blog!

This is going to surprise some of you, but for my love of paper, I am not a fan of wrapping paper. I save my gift wrapping swooning for RIBBON! A girl can never have too much ribbon. I dream of a walk-in closet full of grosgrain, in ever color, width and stripe...until I see a new pair of Reva's or some CLB's and then a walk-in shoe closet takes over.

So instead I have a couple of large drawers in the Grove filled with grosgrain ribbon, cell bags from Nashville Wraps and tissue paper galore. This is how I wrap orders and presents alike. We go through ribbon like water so we order ours from a supplier.

But, before the Grove was well the Grove, I ordered my ribbon from the ribbon retreat. Great prices and services and so many choices.

I also like to add a little something to the ribbon besides a bow: a couple of pacifiers for a baby shower or new baby gift, a keyring for a tween or housewarming, a bottle opener for my brothers, silly bandz for kids birthday gifts and a group of multi-colored sharpies for teacher's gifts.

This year though, I am trying to make things a little more streamlined to keep up with Mini K and Baby C, and am using the same thing in different patterns on all gifts. The best part: they ahve 2 uses! You can use them at Christmas as ornaments and all year long as luggage tags. I promise they will be up on the PGG site this weekend. The backs are blank so you can add an address in a metallic sharpie and use it on your suitcase, or add mom's cell number and put it on a diaper bag. Or order one for each member of the family and put them in a cello bag and tie it up with the ribbon of your choice.

They have already been a huge hit and i will even share some of the most popular sayings/text:

1. Basic monogram
2. Family surname or favorite team name
3. School names/teams...we had a client order in her son's school colors for his lacrosse team and they are going to put each kids name on the back for their stick bags.
4. World's Best Big Sister/Little Brother, etc
5. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown, established 2010

You name it we can do it. If you are thinking you need more than a few, email us and we can work out a discount for you!

Ornament/Tags will be priced at:
Set of 2: $25 (Doesn't have to be the same design/text, just a minimum order of 2)

Set of 3: $35

Here are a few of my favorites:

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Henley on the Horn said...

How adorable!! Scheduling posts is easy. I do it when we travel so that my imaginary stalkers can't figure out that I'm out of town! I love your ideas!