Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Up In The Air

I squeezed in a spring buying trip this past weekend and found some great stuff.  I returned to Baby C saying he didn't feel good and a client emergency for my day job that needed to be handled.  I won't even discuss the Little Mermaid play costume that Mini K informed me we are supposed to make.

I had plans for a blog post.  Did you read it?  Did it end up being as awesome as I thought it would be?  Oh wait, I never actually got around to writing it!

Today has been a blur of briefings, meetings and then the dreaded call:  you son needs to go to the ER and yep, that is where I went.

Baby C has a septic infection, Mr. G was of course out of town (forget Murphy's law, that's working mom law) so thankfully they let him come home after x-rays, fluids and meds.  Mr. G was able to get the last seat on what used to be a lovely US Air flight and has now become American Airlines but I won't get on my soapbox about that.

His hospital bracelet is still on because we have to go back for a check up tomorrow.  So while today is in fact What's for Dinner Wednesday, the menu was actually Gatorade by force for C and Golden Grahams with a side of scrambled eggs for Mini K.  I drank an imaginary glass of wine and then settled for a half caff coffee from the Keurig because I am still on the post oral surgery liquid/soft food diet.

I type this in case someone else is having a day or week like mom and out of gratitude that my week isn't worse.  It's life and I am determined this year to just embrace it and go with it.

So tonight's dinner will wait until tomorrow and I will post it---it is that good!

Until then, I will sit next to Baby C and hold his hand and he will join me in the luxury that is sitting in front of the tv.  Sometimes a working mom needs a sick little one to make her slow down.

Sweet dreams and Purell hands my friends!

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