Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday FIVE Part 1

It has been a long week my friends!  Some highs, so lows and one sick little boy.  It started on Wednesday with a trip to the ER and we have been back at the doctors and the hospital each day since.  This winter has been ROUGH and you will NOT hear me complain come August and our 100 degree days...sunscreen and air conditioning beat sick little ones every day and twice on 3 day weekends!  I just realized that C has been wearing red shirts ALL week, but I promise he has actually changed clothes multiple times a day...don't ask!

So my Friday 5 tonight is Baby C's 5 little fingers wrapped around mine snuggled up on the sofa hoping the meds do the trick.  Did I mention Mini K is making us watch Cloud 9...I mean all the cool kids are watching it.

I did have someone email me after they saw my Instagram feed and ask if orders will still shipping on time and I am going to have a smug working mom moment and say orders are still shipping, for the most part, within 48 hours...sleep well I can catch up on that next week right?  Feel free to send wine, magazines and miracle cures until tomorrow ladies!


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