Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday FIVE

It took me all summer, but I am so happy I am blogging again!  Mini K is back in school and Baby C goes back to preschool on Tuesday.  I can almost feel the fall air (it may only be in my head) and I am actually looking forward to packing up my open toe shoes and white jeans and pulling out the fall clothes...I just may have to crank the AC!

Mr. G surprised us with a MUCH NEEDED trip away this weekend, but I wanted to post before our road trip begins!  This has been a summer of ups and downs with some family health issues and the past few weeks have just been a lot.  I tend to force myself to  be busy when I am feeling stressed as it helps me focus on the positive and not the things I cannot control.  My Jesus Calling book, some quiet time and creating distractions have made this summer so much better.

1.  Just Because Gifting
I challenge each one of you to do this for someone this week.  There is something about surprising someone with a happy that makes you feel better yourself.  I swear it's better than therapy.  So this week, surprise a teacher at your child's school with lunch, take flowers to a friend in a new vase, deliver cookies to a neighbor or take a shiny new coffee table book to a friend.  Just do it!  Life is full of these little moments that when you look back you will hopefully see more of them than the stressful stuff!

2.  Lists
We make them each season.  I do not like the term BUCKET LIST so we just make lists of everything we want to do as a family each season.  I look at it as teaching the kids to make goals and follow through with them.  Our fall list includes:
1.  Start a Happy Plate (I will post on that next week)
2.  Mini K wants business cards, she has promoted herself to bow tie expert at the Grove!
3.  Apple picking
4.  Make homemade caramel
5.  Have some more cookouts

3.  Books
We have had a bunch of happy mail lately:  birth announcements, weddings, new homes and big birthdays and I always like to include a hardcover book with a note so they can keep it and remember.

For a new home I try to either find something on the style of house if I know it, or their personal decorating taste and make sure to out their full address on the inside so they remember why I have it to them.

For weddings, always a fun cookbook!

4. Pillows
Let's just say after 4 more arrived this week from our fabulous seamstress, Mr. G has CUT me off on ordering any more pillows for awhile!

5.  Vests
We will NOT discuss how many I have, but as soon as I saw this camo one in the J.Crew catalog I knew I had to add it to my collection.

As always my Friday FIVE is all over the map, but as a working momma with 2 kiddos that is my real life!  So this Labor Day weekend, I hope you are laboring on something you truly enjoy and PLEASE let me know if you are posting a Friday FIVE and share your Just Because Gifting too!

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Landlocked Mermaid said...

Love your posts, your advice, and your enthusiasm. YOU are my mommy role model and I love you for it, friend xoxo