Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday FIVE

I am BACK with the Friday FIVE.  If you post a Friday FIVE on your blog, please let me know as I love to see what everyone is loving these days.

1.  BOWS
On dresses, shoes, Mini K's hair, pearl bracelets and now pillows in my living room!  A friend texted me a photo of the bow pillows at the Kate Spade offices in NYC and I knew I wanted to create my own version in my house.  So I called my dear friend, and super talented seamstress Elizabeth and gave her my latest must have.  As always she delivered my vision to my house and I couldn't be happier and the best part was I could support another small business owner.

2.  Skin Saving Time
I feel like I put 20 different types of cream on my face and when you add in summer humidity, it just gets depressing.  My dermatologist told me about this miracle cream and I am SOLD.  It is a combination of a BB cream, good sunscreen and my beloved Perfekt.  The best part, as far as skin care goes, it is a STEAL!

3.  New Beauty Products
I seem to be on an airplane, in an office or at one of Mini K's sporting events this summer, which means I have been living on lip balm, mascara and #2 above!  I am in LOVE with the new Fresh lip balm in petal and their new mascara is amazing.  For those of you that haven't tried Sara Happ's Lip Slip, you need to order yourself some RIGHT NOW!

4.  Backpacks & Boxes
I get Mini K and now Baby C a new backpack each year.  I am sure some people think this is wasteful but I hate germs and after a year of being thrown God knows where, it is just easier.  I think the Garnet Hill packs last better than any other brand and until September 3rd they are running their yearly special: FREE monogramming and a FREE lunchbox with every backpack ordered.  This year Baby C wanted rockets and Mini K wanted horses.  We are ready for the first day with three weeks to spare!

5.  Unexpected Finds
LB and I were out running errands in Atlanta and went into a random store in search of small plate hangers.  Twenty minutes later we stumbled upon these antique sconces that I knew needed to hang in my front room.  Thanks to a little help from the UPS store, a ton of bubble wrap and 2 nails in the wall later, I am still in LOVE with them!

I confess it feels so good to be back to blogging and I have loved catching up on everyone's blog.  If you are new here, get a glass of champagne and welcome!


WorthyStyle said...

I saw the new Petal shade from Fresh sugar and plan to pick it up on my next visit to Sephora, yay!

I believe if I had children, I would do the same thing for their backpacks as well. Maybe if they were not torn, I'd temove any monograms, etc., run them through the washer or dry clean them and donate them to Goodwill or to a back-to-school drive? I just always try to find another option before adding waste to landfill, but that is just because I am such an OCD woman!

So nice to see you posting again!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

Welcome back girlie! Been missing your posts! And your house looks amazing! Must come over for some sweet tea and a tour ;) xo