Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Glasses and Braces Oh My!

Big news in the Grove this week....braces and eyeglasses!  If you were thinking Mini K is growing up much too soon, you are correct, because I AM the one getting both!

Clearly I am feeling old if I need glasses and if braces were NOT bad enough the first time, think about how it feels to be getting them again, at 30...well 30 something.

Am I getting those snazzy trays that are not too obvious....NOPE the full on silver removable (Thank you GOD!) bottom bottom braces with a spring on each side.  Being pregnant with Baby C made my lower teeth move and 3 years later I am getting them fixed.

Now onto the glasses, I knew this day would come, it seems to arrive for everyone.  I am choosing to focus on 2 things:
1.  It's a "minor" prescription, my doctor's own statement not just myself trying to make it better

2.  I am going to get cash back thanks to Ebates!  I just ordered these from Warby Parker.  For the record, I am not being paid for this post, in fact, I PAID for my glasses and they were a steal!  Warby Parker lets you try on up to 5 pairs at home of their prescription or sunglasses.  So I ordered5 pairs, never mind they that all were basically the same.  They shipped them to me in less than a week and I had 5 days to basically put them on and off at home and pretend that I was daring and ordered crazy shapes and colors when in fact I ordered the same shape in 5 very different shades of tortoise.  I ended up with these and got free shipping, no sales tax and 6% cash back because Warby Parker, like so many of my other favorite stores is on Ebates!

This getting old is rough!  How has your week been?

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