Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Christmas is Coming

I know a lot of you are already getting ready to head back to school.  Mini K has until August 26th and we are going to try and pack as much in as we can over the next few weeks.

The Grove has been nonstop holiday and trunk show prep lately!  The holiday emails are coming in and we are already processing corporate gift orders and a LOT of people seem to be having holiday weddings this year.  This bring means to THAT WORD:  Christmas...and yes it is coming.  Well, not tomorrow, but I have been busy getting everything prepped for this holiday season...including some great deals!

Based on the emails I have been receiving, A LOT of you have taken advantage of having your family together to get your holiday card photos taken!  HATS OFF TO YOU!

I wanted to let everyone know that we will again be having a double your order for FREE sale on Holiday cards for those of you that order early...same goes for other items, so stay tuned to our Facebook page and make sure you can see us in your feed.

I am loving some of our new designs, and this one is perfect combination of classic and chic!

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