Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Mayhem

I wanted to pop in because I feel bad for not posting, but today has turned a little crazy!  So here is our summer thus far:

1.  Mini K has gone and returned from summer camp and LOVED every moment of her week away from us!  (We received 1 letter which stated:  this place is awesome, i have no time)

2.  Swim Team is a full time job

3.  We celebrated her half birthday party this past weekend and a great time was had by all...a complete post is coming

4.  Tonight we are packing up camp care packages for her 8th grade buddy, 2 family friends and her pen pal Miss M

5.  I have shipped out over 100 pairs of monogrammed sunglasses in the last 96 hours!  Stay tuned to our Facebook page as we think we might need to scare the rain away with a Thunder SALE on sunnies!

6.  Next week I will be in D.C., CA, TX, PA and back home...I am tired and I haven't boarded a plane yet!  I am already making lists of what to pack!

7.  I am still in LOVE with my Dry Bar hair dryer

8.  I am disappointed with the Nordstroms half-yearly sale, of course a half price Celine bag was probably too much to hope for right???

10.  Right now I will DOUBLE your order on flat or folded notes for FREE.  You can see all of the designs HERE.

11.  I am patiently (or attempting to be patient) the delivery of my newly lacquered quest room furniture this week.

12.  It is supposed to rain ALL week...I think this alone deserves a pick me up right?

13.  I am trying one of those home spa services this Wednesday...a manicure and pedicure at home with my DVR sounds like heaven right now.  Throw in a cold glass of white wine and I might not ever get up.

14.  I did 25 burpees today, followed by my Crossfit workout, followed by Ab Mat sit ups and now I am wondering if movement is necessary tomorrow.

15.  I have 2 kiddos begging to watch Ninja Warrior so off I go!

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