Tuesday, January 8, 2013


SO happy we are 2 days into this week.  I am feeling thankful that last week is OVER.  Mini K is feeling almost 100% and back at school.  She practically sprang out of bed yesterday and was dressed in her uniform, teeth brushed and backpack on in record time.

Since she wasn't feeling up for cake on her birthday, and we didn't have a party due to pneumonia (we will be celebrating her half birthday with a party instead!), I let her take in cake push up pops for her class celebration.

As you can see from the photo, cake push ups are essentially a tube of frosting with some sprinkles and cake crumbs thrown in for good measure!

The Valentine's and Easter candy are out at the stores and so far I haven't even felt tempted.  I am crediting being back at the box so to speak.  Now that my feet have healed, I am back at the cult of CrossFit and while I am brutally sore, it makes me feel like the workouts are working.

You will start to see some of our new items on the website this week.  I have been photographing and designing and hope you like what I have come up with.  I love a good challenge, so let me know if you think we are missing a particular price point or what items you would like to see.

Several of you have emailed saying you missed the thank you note sale, and we believe in second chances so.........starting tomorrow if you order 25 or more cards, we will DOUBLE your order for FREE.

I ALWAYS give stationery as a gift to the bride to-be or mom to-be when I am hosting a shower.  The guest of honor can thank her guests in style.

These notes are perfect for the stylish mom to-be:

And what bride wouldn't want to say thanks with these cards:

Tonight, I am leaving my comfort zone and attempting something that my friend Jane is an expert at:  menu planning.  Not my usual menu planning of takeout or cereal, but 5 real meals.  House construction scares me less than what I am about to tackle.

Before I go, I have one last treat.  How does a year of Garden & Gun magazine for $3.99 sound?  Just enter in code: STRETCHINGABUCK HERE and you will have a year's worth of fabulous in your mailbox!

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WorthyStyle said...

I just love Garden & Gun! G&G is such a great magazine.

And those push cake pops sound so neat. I will have to see if I can find the supplies to try it sometime.

A close girl cousin is getting married in April, so thank you for the thank you note idea. She did it for me, but I'd love to do a custom set for her.