Friday, January 4, 2013

On The Mend

I wanted to pop in because I cannot believe it is already Friday night!  My Friday 5 will be late this week, and I had such high hopes for the new year, but Mini K was diagnosed with pneumonia this week and the Grove has turned into a sea of tissues, prescriptions, breathing treatments, saltines & ginger ale(Mini K thinks ANYTIME you are sick, including a bee sting, you need saltines & ginger ale) and I have lost count at the number of times we have watched Missy Franklin Olympic swimming reruns.

All orders have been shipping within 24 hours so we won't keep you waiting and once I get my peanut on the mend I will be back!

Check back on Sunday for my Friday 5!

Happy Friday!


DC GOP Girl said...

Get well soon Mini K!!

eas said...

I so just signed up for Garden and Gun and sent a gift to a gf in Atlanta. Thanks-I've always wanted to see one and now I'll get a years worth!