Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tales From The Backseat

The juggle of having a fulltime job, the Grove and 2 kids continues. My life it is a lot of things, but boring is NOT one of them.

Mini K was given homework last week: she had to disguise a drawing of a turkey. What she chose to do resulted in almost 12 hours and took years off of my eyes!

I found your choice funny for another reason, my dearest friend Alexa is the only other person I know that would have done this and I am pretty sure she and Mini K are on the same planet: their own!

SO what does a turkey do for a disguise at Thanksgiving? It bedazzles himself of course. That's right, our single sheet of paper now weighs a few pounds, is sporting a few carats and we have been fully introduced to the concept of glue and tweezers!
She did a great job and then it happened...the idea that may make me send her to Aunt Alexas's house...


Something tells me this would land us quite a few repins on Pinterest with the tag lines of crazy, insane and what were they thinking.

So mental note: Mini K and Aunt Alexa will not be involved in the bathroom planning for our addition!

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