Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Randoms

This is our busy season and while it doesn't give me much time to blog we LOVE helping everyone cross things off their list! We are crossing off completed orders with our sparkly Sharpies! It's like tinsel on paper as Mini K said!

Mr. G officailly put Baby C on skates this week! Not surprisingly, he had ZERO fear!

Last week Mini K's favorite teacher Ms. R had a birthday. Since all of the kids bring cupcakes or treat sin for their birthdays, we thought Ms. R deserved a cake to! So Mini K and I spent an evening making the candy bar cake! It was so much fun and the candy masks all mistakes!

Just pick your favorite cake recipe and make 2 round 8" cakes. Bake and cool are you normally would and prepare or purchase your favorite frosting. We have a go to family buttercream recipe that we LOVE to make, and Mr. G and Mini K love that it always makes extra! Frost your cakes. Now here comes the fun part!
Surround your cake with Kit Kat's, our 8" cakes took 5 packages of King Size Kit Kat's. Once the "fence" is cup, tie a ribbon around it. Then take a package of your favorite M & M's or chocolate chips and fill in the top.

It is an impressive cake and oh so easy to make!

The other news around the Grove house this week is our little jumper decided the crib was his next target! That's right, Baby C can now officially get out of his crib! This is a record as Mini K was in a twin bed at 17.5 months because she wouldn't stay in. I felt like I had to put her in a twin bed because there was no bedding for a toddler bed. Well, Ann at Organic Blankees must have been reading my mind a year ago, because she came out with a crib sheet set. I purchased it last year for Baby C at Christmas, because there isn't much on an 8th month old's list for Santa. Well we put the crib sheet set on Baby C's crib and he snuggled right up and the jumping has stopped! The best part, when we convert his crib into a toddler bed, the sheet set will work because you use a crib mattress.

I know a lot of you have little ones and Ann and Organic Blankees always have the BEST deals so how does 50% off sound??? You read that correctly, use code: organic to get 50% off your total purchase. Mini K and Baby C both have the Organic Blankees with monograms and our crib sheet set is also monogrammed, did you expect anything less from me?

We have BIG NEWS tomorrow...let's just say you will need to be by a computer sometime November 25-27th!

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