Monday, November 7, 2011

Ruffles & Warmth

Grove Gal E and I have too many trunk shows to count this week! The Grove is not camera ready right now, but it is trunkshow ready. We are so excited to debut our new ring dishes, baubles, bags and paper deals galore! The cello bags are ready, the ribbon is bowed and the plastic transport tubs have moved in! All of this prep has left me craving my comfy workout clothes!

I confess that after a long trunk show or day at the office, I crave a hot Starbucks and some comfy clothes! Who are we kidding, as much as I love Mini K and Baby C there are days that I feel this way after answering WHY for the 100th time.

About 4 years ago I purchased my first pair of Lululemon pants. I still have them and they still look new. I wore them my entire pregnancy with Baby C, they stretched, and they went back to their normal non-pregnancy size. I know they are more expensive than other brands, but how many yoga pants look like new after 4 years of weekly wear? And my thumb shirts, as Mini K calls them, LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Lululemon Cabin Longsleeve Shirt, $68

I am NOT getting paid for this post, I just love them. If you know me in real life you know I think about my purchases in terms of cost per wear and these have to be pennies per wear!

As much as I love my Lululemon, I have been on the hunt for some new pieces. I keep seeing these So Low ruffle pants and LOVE them. They might be in my future.
So Low Foldover Ruffle Pants, $70

I will be thinking of my comfy close by the time our show ends tomorrow! I promise to post photos from the show and remember, if you need us to drop a hint on your behalf, just shoot us an email with the item and email for the hint.

Our deadline for monogrammed necklaces is November 23rd!

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