Saturday, July 2, 2011

Keeping It Real

Clearly it has been awhile since I have posted. I DON'T have vacation story to share or some big has just been a crazy time and spending time with Baby C and Mini K ranked higher.

I had a moment this week where I realized how fast time is flying! There are only 5 months until Mini K turns 6, which also means 5 months until Christmas! July 1st didn't hit me so much as Mini K putting on a dress yesterday that used to go to the middle of her knees and now looks more like a shirt that is a little too long. Couple that with having to buy her a pair of size 1.5 shoes and the realization that a kids size 2 and women's size 5 are pretty much the same thing and I am left wondering where did my little girl go.

So for the past week I have felt like freezing everything...trying to soak it all in, well everything except the laundry! A friend once told me when life seems a little overwelming to STOP and focus solely on one little thing at a time and you know what it works.

If you follow me on twitter than you know that Baby C has had balance issues due to his ear problems. Well this week, two weeks after his surgery, he took his first steps! Honestly, we think he was more focused on grabbing the oreo chocolate chip cookie out of Mini K's hands and didn't even realize he was walking, because as soon as he grabbed it he sat right down to eat!

I know so many of you blog daily, but there are days, or weeks, that I just don't see how an endless to do list is worth reading. Grove Gal E and I are ALMOST finished on a new product, one we designed and will make and are so excited. This blog isn't so much about the products that we sell, but how the juggle of motherhood, my life and career and my little Grove come together, and sometimes, from the outside looking in, it probably looks like a tornado, but I love it and wouldn't change a thing!

So we are starting the holiday weekend off with Mini K and her tennis racquet pretending she is part of Wimbledon in front of the tv, Mr. G hosing down Baby C's highchair outside and I am off to take Baby C to the farmer's market.

Have a great Saturday and remember to take it all in, because you can only live this day once!

DEAL ALERT: For all of you in the military in the D.C. area I want to share one deal with you: The Purple Goose on Mt. Vernon Avenue in Alexandria is offering 50% all clothing and shoes and 30% off all accessories with a military id.

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