Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time Is Money

I have been running in the mornings with a friend who is MUCH faster than I am. I would like to claim, it has made me faster, I cannot, but it has made me GET UP. One of the things we talk about is the juggle...two kids, running a business, not sleeping and shopping.

It got me thinking about how many times I have heard my father say time is money. As a working mom I must say that is true. When I started this I promised I would be honest...and sometimes the juggle, well it is NOT pretty.

I cannot claim to have found some magic wand that allows you to add hours to your day, but I have found some tricks that help save time and actually bring in a little money. My theory is found money is treat money.

Some of these might be new to you and I bet a lot of you are more organized than me and much better ideas. PLEASE feel free to leave a comment and share them, because all of us could use a little more time at the spa!

I should say I am not a coupon clipper so these are my ways of getting more for my dollars that I would spend anyway.

If you aren't a member sign up HERE RIGHT NOW!
This is always on my check daily list. You can find smocking by Vive leFete (same brand carried by Neimans and Ragsland) for at least 50% off and then you can use Mr. Rebates to save even more! It is also a great resource to stock up on kids gifts and stocking stuffers.

This is like Zulily, but the brands I would say are less classic, more trendy and I don't think the discounts are as deep. Right now they have a great sale on customized children's books with your favorite sports teams and schools.
You can sign up HERE.

Cash Back Sites
There are 2 I use for different stores. Both only ask for your name and address (to mail you your money!) so no worries about having to enter in your credit cards.

This is probably the most well known, and I use it, but it has lost some stores recently.
Are you a Wal-Mart( 2% cash back) or Home Depot (3% cash back) regular? You can purchase all of your items online and select the pick up at store option. No impulse buying and cash back.

Nordstroms (3% cash back) and Horchow (3% cash back) are 2 other regulars. Monogrammed white Ralph Lauren towels for $ bulk!

Tory Burch, you can pretend those Revas are on sale with 3.5% cash back!

Photos sites: Snapfish will get you 16% cash back and Shutterfly will get you 8% cash back...even if you pick up your prints at Walgreens or Target!

And Boden and miniBoden...yep 3% cash back. and are on there too!

You can sign up HERE.

Mr. Rebates
I have only been using this one for a short time and opened it up because some of the sites I shop from most switched over to it.

You can sign up HERE.

Tory Burch will you 5% cash back on Mr. Rebates

Zulily will get you 5% cash back.

Boden will get you 4% cash back

Kate Spade 3% cash back

Hanna Anderson 3% cash back

General Gift
Heartsy is one of my new finds. It is a flashsale site with a twist. The sales last for days not hours and it combines discount prices with etsy or etsy like products.

You can see today's deals HERE.

Currently, they have a great deal or the boys and girls on your gift list.

For the girls: Piggy Paint, the all natural nail polish and remover. I stocked up so I have them on hand for last minute gifts or to add to a gift basket.

For the boys: Crayon Rocks, crayons that look like rocks and come in an adorable muslin sack. Add them to some superhero or Mickey Mouse coloring books and tie with a bow or purchase now in case Santa needs to "borrow" a few stocking stuffers!

They also have a great deal running on one of my MUST HAVE toddler/baby items, the Pura bottle or sippy cup. This is one of those products I wish would have been around when Mini K was a baby, but Baby C is enjoying it...daily!

Plum District
This is like a Groupon type site, but you are purchasing gift certificates or actual items. You can select a specific city, nationwide or any combo. I get the deals for the places we go the most: nationwide, Dallas, Washington, D.C. and NYC.
You can sign up HERE.

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