Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year! I know many people start today with resolutions and we have a few of them, but today, above all else, we are THANKFUL!

We are thankful for all of our amazing customers who supported us this year. You invited us to be a part of the births of your children, engagements, special birthday, your holidays and even those days when you just needed a little pick me up!

I am sure you noticed we took a little break from blogging...let's just say that UPS added an extra dose of stress to the holidays both at the Grove and at Casa Grove. Our shipments from the North Pole this year came via UPS rather than sleigh and let's just say the sleigh, or walking them down would have taken less time.

The holidays are now behind us and we are so excited for 2011. For some reason, I have a feeling it is going to be a great year!

So for my resolutions...I have some for both the Grove and myself.

For the Grove
1. A facelift for the see will see some products leave and some new ones come always EMAIL us if you don't see something as most of our work is custom tailored to our clients and we are ALWAYS happy to help!

2. More products under $ asked and we listened. Some will be personalized and some won't, but let's just say that anyone who unwraps one of these items won't think it cost less than $30

3. Tweens..the age group I don't like to shop for, because well have you tried shopping for this group? This year we will tackle it!

4. Happies Tied With a Bow. This is what we are calling them. Look for Valentine's Day, Teachers Gifts, Camp Care Packages and Group Graduation Gifts...custom designed and in your hands with just a few clicks. You have enough on your to-do list, we will help you give in style!

Now For My 2011
1. Adopt a modified Primal Blueprint diet and drink more water. I can't do everything I need and want to do without energy so I have to take care of myself!

2. Don't skimp on things I can't replace like my skin, hair and nails. In the craziness of this fall I forgot hair appointments, my cuticles and that bump on my foot. Not this year!

3. Relationships: I am only going to invest in a relationship what I get out of it. This might sound rude, but I feel like last year I spent a lot of time on others that didn't invest in their friendship with me. As a result, I feel like I didn't have time for other friends.

4. Remember that each day is only going to come around once. This sounds so simple, but trust me, I know this will be hardest resolution to keep.

One of my mentors gave me a great piece of advice over the holidays and I thought I would share it:

As women we try to do so much for others that at times we forget about our own needs and happiness. World piece would be nice, but sometimes a new handbag is what we need. Know yourself and plan. Start each year thinking in quarters...they year doesn't seem so scary. Have a personal goal and splurge for each quarter. For example, call a friend a day and workout xx times a week or make an effort to have lunch with a friend once a week and eat dinner as a family. Your splurge has to be something that is classic, a classic bag, a new charm for your bracelet, a drawing of your home or child.

Impulse purchases and relationships don't last and we rush into them when we don't have a plan. Sh is a wise lady that has accomplished so much.

So remember in 2011, you can't give your best to others if you don't take care of yourself!

Happy New Year!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love your friends saying. Such a great one and I like it!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

I love this post!! I love it for a few reasons, you reminded me that I have that beautiful caledar waiting for me on my desk tomorrow at work, which will surely make me smile.. And you gave me advice that in the coming months I will need as a new momma... and permission to buy something elegant, classic and worth it is what we sometimes need to give each other .. Let's make sure we have more play dates and coffee meet ups in 2011 xo

BroncoMom said...

I'm a newbie to your blog.
Your friend has passed on some great advice and I think I will take that advice as well.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I'll check back in again.
Happy New Year!