Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Deep End

I have never been known to wade in to cold water. I just jump right in so the new year is much the same for me. The past 7 weeks are a blur of orders, fights with UPS, parties, meetings, orders, planning and a total lack of sleep. They have left me feeling in need of a fresh start.

Some of things I need to work on don't come in a bottle, but fortunately two of them do!

I feel like my face has aged in the last 7 weeks so i am hoping to give it a fresh start over the next 6 with a series of peels.
I have been wanting to kick up my Crossfit and running program by changing my eating habits. In a few short days the CLEANSE. I almost ordered this 18 months ago and then found out I was pregnant with Baby C so 2011 is the year for my date with David Kirsch.

Tip: I originally saw this cleanse on the Bliss website, but it is almost half the price on the David Kirsch website.

Thankfully, I can still consume my McDonalds unsweetened iced tea on the cleanse!

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Landlocked Mermaid said...

you are beautiful!! Keep up the hard work.. you are my total inspiration!! I mean it ! xo