Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Madness

The past 10 days have been a blur of my day job, keeping up with the littles, fulfilling and shipping orders and getting ready for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Thank God for Starbucks, protein shakes, Crossfit and the often unexpected quote from the backseat that just makes smile and remember that the days are LONG but the years are oh so short!

Mondays are always a blur and this week in particular.  Our after school nanny is out of town, Mr. G is out of town and Mini K had swim practice, homework, a needlepoint project she wanted to finish, post practice shower and deep condition and let's not forget dinner.

We got through it, we always do and now I am going to rely on my caramel tea to help me power through processing orders and wrapping up birthday luncheon favors to deliver to a client after morning carpool.

This holiday season I am grateful to be working, to be busy...I am tired, but it's a good tired.

We always play high low at the end of each day.  The kids get to say the best and worst part of their day.  It's my way of trying to coax info out of them about their day, but today the backseat was a road show in its own right.

Mini K started with a 1, 2 punch:
1.  There is a new band called N' Sync and I want one of their songs on my iPad.  LORD HELP ME

2.  Not to be out done Baby C marched right up to a 20 something sorority girl wearing an SMU tshirt at Chick Fil A and said "Momma, I want to sit next to this pretty girl to eat my chicken nuggets."  Big sister was NOT amused, I couldn't stop laughing and said pretty girls' boyfriend told C he had some good moves.  Baby C went to bed saying I have good moves Momma.

I promise I won't disappear again this week!  I will be back tomorrow with our best teacher gifts for under $25 and make sure to check in on Facebook as we will be posting discounts codes for the upcoming sales!

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