Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fountain of Youth

No this isn't a post on some miracle cream (if you find one let me know!) or spa procedure, but sometimes it just feels good to feel young...even after you have entered your REAL birthdate!

I know I promised a post on wrapping giftcards, and it is coming tomorrow! Today I wanted to help you with filler, some last minute shopping and maybe something for yourself.

Remember your college days, where the end of the month seemed to last forever and you couldn't wait for a new month to begin so your allowance would start all over? I might be alone here, and for those commenters who never want to leave their name, YES I did work in college and graduated in 3 years so you can leave all the comments you want about being spoiled as I know the truth.

Well our college babysitter introduced me to UScoop about a month ago and I am hooked. The best part is you DO NOT have to be in college to be a member! The deals are geared towards the classic preppy lifestyle with an occaisional curveball of quirky thrown in. It is not a daily deal site, but the deals tend to occur around once a week. You can join HERE.

Now what does this have to do with wrapping giftcards? I like to wrap my giftcards with an item and I call that filler. The filler needs to be related and I always purchase filler in bulk, usually on sale and store it in plastic tubs that I label: guys, girls and minnies. This way I know when I am getting low and can re-stock.

UScoop has a great deal right now with Stephanie Johnson. It is NOT on their website, you had to receive the email to get the code, or have someone share it with you. Allow me: UScoop1 will get you 40% off the ENTIRE site! My favorite items of hers to give are the zippered pouches and the small box bags. They are great alone or with a gift card but I give these bags with a specific purpose. The medium pouches are great when paired with a starbucks card or a fun lipgloss. The small zippered box I use to store all of my charging cords for my ipod, ipad and iphone. I usually give it with a car phone charger (mom), an itunes giftcard (friend), LOTS of Advil (Mini K's teacher!) or band-aids, hand sanitizer and baby wipes (new mom)! I always have a list in my planner of who I gift throughout the year and what I have given them in the past. I jot down if they have a favorite color, are a silver or gold person, etc. It makes shopping A LOT easier.

UScoop is also running deals with Tucker Blair (I prefer the original Smathers and Branson) and Margaret Elizabeth jewelry.

If you haven't checked it out you should, because you never know when you favorite preppy designer might throw out a bone or a deal to their loyal customers!

And for those pesky government FTC types, I wasn't paid to write this post, I just believe in sharing a good deal or a fab find! If you have a deal PLEASE leave a comment so we can all enable each other to shop!

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