Thursday, May 26, 2011

Clean Up

Mini K has the day off tomorrow so today is our still feels like Monday to me! I had to take a road trip for my day job and came home to a laundry pile that could scare a small village. I could say that between my day job, PGG and the 2 minnies I still have plenty of time to do the laundry, but then lightening would strike and we have had enough crazy weather already so I will tell the truth: when the pile is taller than Mini K, it goes to the wash and fold, and it is worth every penny!

So since laundry seems to have taken over Casa Grove, I had to share one of our favorite new products: personalized cotton canvas laundry bags. They come with a 7 1/2" personalized deisgn and at $30 are the perfect boarding school, college, camp or just laundry hiding bag! We can't promise they will make dirty clothes fun, but they will at least keep them in style!

There are way to many designs to post on here, but for starters, they come in all of our camp designs!

To order just email us at or on Facebook.

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