Sunday, May 22, 2011

Camp Time!

If you thought I meant camping in a tent, you must not know me! I of course mean, sleepaway camp! I LOVED going to camp as a child. Grove Gal E went to an all girls camp, mine was coed and some of my favorite childhood memories are from camp.

Mini K still has to wait another year to go to sleepaway camp...she will be going to an all girls camp...Mr. G would only send her to a coed camp with SEAL Team 6!

Since I now own a stationery and gift business, I probably shouldn't admit to being a lackluster letter writer when I myself was at camp, but I was having too much fun. My mother would always find a way to sneak a few surprises into my camp trunk. I LOVED unpacking my trunk and finding a few hidden surprises.

Some of my favorites were:
new sunglasses
lip smackers and then lip glosses as I got older
K.I.T. cards already printed...what can I say my mother was ahead of her time...I felt so grown up having my own Keep In Touch "business" cards with my name, address and phone they would of course require the addition of an email address

For those of you getting ready to send your prince or princes off to camp, we can help with our camp care package!

The package includes:
12 personalized postcards...already stamped
1 personalized pillowcase
30 personalized K.I.T them Keep In Touch with their new friends in style

The Price: $49

We can't promise they will write home, but we can promise they will be in style!

To order just email us or message us on Facebook.

So many designs to choose from and colors can be change to reflect your camper's favorite colors!

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Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Aw - what a fun idea for a little camper.

And please note I'm relying on you to tell me where Master P is supposed to attend camp in Texas. Thanks in advance!