Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back In Town!

I can see that Blogger and I need to have a talk...those 6 YES 6 posts I wrote and had scheduled to post clearly did not post. I know Blogger had a tantrum last week, but this is like burning someone else's homework, or their paycheck, or their favorite gossip magazine.

I got back last night from a girls weekend in NYC and a brief stop at the National Stationery Show. Despite the rain, it was a great weekend. Can you have a bad weekend when it involves shoes, handbags and champagne cocktails? I know, I don't think it is possible either.

But I am back to reality and off to search for my missing posts and figure out what Grove Gal E wants to do as this week's Facebook deal. If you have some suggestions, leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and if we pick your product, you might get a little happy in the mail!

I am also putting this in writing so I can hold myself accountable...I will run 105 miles a month..in addition to Crossfit. I am pretty sure it is the only way to keep up with Mini K and Baby C!

1 comment:

Hopsy said...

You need to post stationary show photos!! I want to see your favorite booths!