Monday, April 11, 2011

Lucky Kids and More Discounts

I am mortified to admit that I have a magazine problem, as in I subscribe to more than I want to admit. I finally sat down last night to go through them all and have to say the new Lucky Kids is fabulous!

My favorite part of this issue were the discount codes in the back. I took advantage of the Olive Juice Kids discount to stock up on skorts for Mini K, peter pan collar white onesies for Baby C and couldn't resist a pair of purple patent Salt Water sandals for Mini K...everything is 35% off with code: LUCKYKIDS1

I am always on the search for a bag that I can use to throw in Baby C and Mini K's stuff, but one that if I don't have enough time to switch bags before a meeting doesn't scream baby bag. I have seen the JPK bucket bags around and to be honest I am not a fan, but I finally checked out their website and found a couple of styles I love. The bags, by handbag standards, are inexpensive and the best part, I can save you 20% off of your purchase with code: toasttofashion
JPK Spark, $198

JPK's Vera Bag, $242

Grove Gal E and I are getting ready for a small Alexandria, VA open house this Sunday. If you are in the area and want to pick up some great hostess gifts, Easter basket items and some Lilly gift items, email us or check out our facebook page as there will be specials for show attendees.
Speaking of the cello and ribbon are calling my name!


WWD said...

Thank you for the JPK discount, code! I have several bucket bags and think they're a nice alternative to the Le Pliage totes everyone has.

Her Preppiness said...

love those bags!!