Friday, May 7, 2010

Where Did The Week Go?

I have to confess I have been walking and running like amad woman this week. You see we I have to put a black tie dress on in less than 3 weeks after having Baby C. I know every pregnant lady reading this is so thinking this is the motherhood equivalent of HELL.

Thankfully, I did not need to go to Dick's Sporting Goods and purchase a tent to bedazzle and wear. (All I can say is empire waist dresses truly are a new mom's best friend!)

It seems I have finally gotten into a schedule this week and think we have established a new normal routine in the Grove house. I have a stack of notes and photos I plan on sharing with all of you and Grove Gal E and I have some big plans for PGG. We will be sharing them with you soon and they will start with a giveaway.

I am off to get ready for this weekend and am feeling truly blessed to celebrate my first Mother's Day as the mom of two knowing they are currently sleeping soundly in their beds!


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mFw said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Have fun at the black tie event!