Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

This morning I am home with my children. I am home while so many brave men and women are not. Mini K will ponder what cereal to have for breakfast and whether she wants to ride her bike or her scooter, while so many children are dealing with the loss of a parent.

Saying thank you on this day just doesn't seem like enough.

Today we remember our heroes...the men and women who gave their lives so that we may have our own. I hope they know how much they mean to us.

If you see a military service member today or a military family say thank you, but most of all remember that their job keeps you and your loved safe...and FREE.

God Bless Our Military and God Bless America!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Great post. I am so thankful everyday. I had several family members serve.

Sandra said...

Wonderful post. xoxo

Imjustagirl said...

You are so correct!