Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Prepping...

I can't believe it has been almost a week since my last post....especially since I do not feel like I have stopped. We have been processing orders and ordering updates and more items to prepare for spring shows and events. I also found out that the Grove in-laws are coming for Easter...next Thursday to be exact...8 of them. Yes you heard me, 8 in-laws coming for a 5 day visit less than a month before this baby arrives. I should also say that 5 of them are staying with us...Mini K will be thrilled to have her cousin here for an Easter Egg hunt. I have ordered the food (no I am not cooking AT ALL and do not feel one bit bad about it!), and Easter is my favorite holiday so I am frankly finishing up, ok starting and finishing the decorating this weekend.

With that in mind, I had to share two great websites I have discovered that can save you money. I will confess my orders have not arrived, but the prices are amazing and I am hoping the quality is the same.

I try to always have a wreath on the front door. The Grove door is black and surrounded by brick so it can be dark. The porch project will not occur until we do the upstairs rennovation so I am trying to be patient. The good news is that while I wait I have found a new website for wreaths...and they even offer a price break on sets of 2.

The Easter bunny will know he has arrived at the Grove when he greeted at the door with this cheery wreath. I love the giant yellow bow and Mini K will simply adore all of the colored eggs. I usually prefer the more pastel Easter egg wreaths, but Mini K is so excited to hunt for eggs and I think this sets a fun mood that will get everyone in the mood for fun and friends!
Easter Egg Wreath

This will be my summer wreath...if I can't live at the beach this summer, I can think of it when I arrive at my casa every night!
Seashell Wreath

Spring always makes me think of one flower: PEONIES! I have a favorite photo of First Lady Nancy Reagan in the sitting room surrounded by revere bowls and julep cups filled with peonies and a needlepoint pillow that said "Peonies Bloom In May." Well May is still a ways away, but you can have a new set of julep cups ready to go, and at 7" tall they can even add some height to your display.

Julep Cups

I don't like serving becerages out of pitchers. They can be so messy and let's face it, sweaty in the heat. I have had my eye on a couple of beverage servers in the Horchow catalog, but then I found these...at less than 25% of the price! How fun to serve your sweet tea, lemonade and cucumber water out of these?!?!

Beverage Server

For the last two months I have been focused on champagne...probably because I cannot drink it! These champagne coolers are a steal and at $22 you can order more than a few and space them around your party. For a personal touch use mini champagne bottles and crazy straws instead of one big bottle and glasses.

Champagne Bucket

For those of you that follow me on twitter, you know I have been trying to hold myself to finishing my daily goals. Today's to do's were: exercise, blog post, client meetings and email. Well I have now officially completed my list and with that I am going to sleep!



Jackie said...

I love both of those wreaths! I may need to order the summer one....

PaperCourt said...

Love the wreaths. I have a black door too and it's hard to find the perfect wreath.

Jamie said...

Thanks for the website tips. Love the wreaths.

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Oh how fun, and what fabulous choices! You have such great taste. I am LOVING the Easter egg wreath! It's so fun and cheerful. How could you not smile walking through a door with that wreath??! :) I also adore the clear beverage server, what a deal! I can just see it full of lemonade with big slices of lemon floating in it with lots of ice! How refreshing :)

OHH..good luck with your in-laws coming to visit. If you're like me, it's always a joy to have them, but 8 days is A LONG TIME...glad you ordered food to be brought in! Sending you a hug!

Monogram Momma said...

LOVE the wreaths!

DC GOP Girl said...

Aww just take care of yourself and baby to be (remember you can always get me to babysit -- ANYtime)! Can't believe you're about to have such a packed house.

LOVING the sites you shared too. Definitely checking them out.


Sandra said...

I adore Save on Crafts. It has come in handy during the wedding planning!! Great Wreaths. I will def. be checking it out!! xoxo

mFw said...

Love the egg wreath!