Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bags To Pack...

There is something about receiving a package in the mail...not the part where you have to stand in line for what is always longer than it should be at the Post Office, but when you pull up to your house and find an unexpected or long awaited for box sitting on your front porch. Our mail didn't come last night until, well it was so late, I found the box this morning!

And today of all days, I needed a pick me up! A big thank you to Maryland Pink and Green! I love everything you sent me.
Mini K came home from school and insisted on practicing her circle tracing skills and I can't wait to pack my 2 new bags to take to the hospital for Mini #2's arrival on April 20th!

Your package will be in the mail tomorrow...see first paragraph about said LONG line at the Post I wish every Post Office only featured those computer shipping centers with a big belt behind them so the package holders were never full.

In other news, we have ordered some great new lines for PGG and I am slowly knocking out my spring cleaning. Thanks to Miss Mermaid, I am taking clothes, sunglasses and handbags that I haven't touched in a year into Secondi on Friday and making some much needed space!

How is your week?

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Bethany said...

So glad you enjoy your goodies! xoxo