Monday, March 8, 2010

Easter Prep

Easter is a big deal in the Grove household. Maybe it's because it the one holiday that I can claim pink and green is a must, or maybe it is because I love spring, regardless no matter what else is going on in my life Easter is my favorite holiday. This year will be no different...I don't care that it is the day after my birthday, or that it is a little less than 2 weeks before Mini #2 is born, or that we will have Mr. Grove's sister, husband and 3 children staying with us. it is going to be a pink and green soiree.

There are a few changes this year...Mr. Grove is in charge of one mega Easter Egg hunt in our backyard. I think I have ordered more plastic eggs from Oriental Trading (via ebates of course) than I actually need, but who cares!

Mini K's dress arrived on Saturday and brace is blue, white and seems the age of 4 is when one stakes her claim on her closet. I almost laughed at her reason for not wanting to wear Lilly...and I quote..." oh mommy, I just cannot sit still in Lilly, so I need a serious dress to wear to church! I promise to report back on if said wardrobe actually results in a perfectly behaved little girl at Easter Sunday mass.

Last week and this week I am also wrapping up some house projects: a new window in Mini K's bathroom, new interior doors and trim, painting Mini K and Mini #2's bedrooms, a custom desk and cubbie hutch for the kitchen to house our family imac, cookbooks, backpacks and well, I confess clutter. I also had grand plans of ordering an outdoor dining set for our new patio, but I refuse to order from Ballard Designs without a coupon code. Am I alone in this insistance on waiting to order until I receive a coupon code? I promise to post photos on all of these projects as soon as they are completed this week! And Mini #2's crib bedding should arrive next week.

So that leaves the Easter baskets...

Usually, this is the easy part, but this year I need to make more than a few and I am stumped. We will have 2 tweens, Mini K, a younger cousin and one of Mini K's best friends....1 boy the rest girls. I should also say that Easter baskets in Groveland do not contain candy...hence the Easter Egg hunt, so I am trying to be creative. Any thoughts or suggestions just send them my way.

I was thinking I had been such a blog slacker, but I confess I am a little tired reading this so maybe I wasn't being lazy after all.


Yellow House Knits said...

Easter at your house sounds really fun! Can I have an Easter basket too??

mFw said...

Sounds like your Easter planning is going great! Mini K is so cute to want a serious dress for mass! On Easter, I love to count the number of Lilly dresses at Mass - it's always 30 or more!

Jamie said...

LOL out your her comment about not being able to sit still in Lilly! I love Easter also, I think it is the Spring thing that draws me in.

Black Labs and Lilly said...

How fun would a tween basket be with Lilly school supplies?? Maybe a pencil case or the highlighters, or a mini notebook and some pencils??

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

With all of the Easter pastels, making it a preppy day is a snap!