Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cliff Notes....For Life

The homily today at mass focused on there are no Cliff Notes for life. I am not sure I agree. Don't get me wrong, I don't think life is full of short cuts, but I do think if we look around us, with eyes wide open and an open mind, we can discover ways of doing this better. The other thing we notice is how amazing some people are when they think no one is watching.

Feel free at me or tell me off during/after reading this post. I started reading blogs because CNN, MSNBC and Fox News said everyone was doing it. It was 2 years ago, and between the 5 newspapers I read daily, what felt like hundreds of preschool applications to fill out, doctor's appointments to make and keep, I was feeling anything but hip. SO I introduced myself to the world of blogger. Then I realized you had to enter in a word to search for blogs...or at least I think you did. While I am on the subject, I will just confess to this right is just NOT MY THING. I literally went into the Apple store to buy an APPLE ZIP DRIVE...that's right I thought there were separate zip drives for PC's and Mac's. I keep seeing all of this twitter chatter about Google analytics and anonymous commenting...I am not sure what is means or how you even know who lands on your blog from where or after what search. To be honest, it kind of scares me. The real laugh was I think it took Monogram Momma 3 hours to explain twitpic to me.

My point is, while I didn't find a wealth of new technology knowledge from blog world, I did find a world of amazing women (sorry men, but I don't know of a single non-political blog written by a man). Unfortunately, I think blogland has changed in the past couple of years. When I started reading there were blogs about fashion, make-up, Lilly Pulitzer, home decor, kids, the South, the North, cupcakes, and yes I will say it J.Crew. Now I can't change the world, but this is my blog. If you like it read it, if not, I at least hope you like our little PGG.

I don't know if what I am about to do will catch on, I hope it does, so here I go:

I am calling this my blogland Shout Out Awards. I have learned so much from so many of you, but there are a few of you that have really made a difference and I want you to know that. I think we can all agree that we can now travel almost anywhere and not have to purchase a guidebook to find a great meal, a must see place, fabulous shopping or a new friend to have coffee with thanks to the network that is blog world.

ATN...If you haven't read her blog, you are missing out. Nina, I read your blog and although I have no idea what happened in Chicago that led you home it made me think of one thing. If Mr. Grove and I am do as good of job parenting Mini K as your parents have done I will be happy with myself. I pray that someday if she needs to turn to someone when something bad happens she will turn to us and would allow us to help her. The relationship you have with your parents is amazing and I cannot imagine how proud they must be of you. Aside from your sense of style, you have a self confidence that comes through in every word you type.

Hopsy, you always see the world not as if it was half full, but if your cup was running over. You have impeccable manners, a sense of adventure and always make time for your friends. And let's not forget, you introduced me to Greystone and we cannot wait to send Mini K there.

DCGopGirl. This woman is a technology wizzard. She literally talks about building a website on a Monday and launches it on a Tuesday. It takes me that long to figure how to navigate from page to page. She also just started a new job, and trust me D.C. is not an easy market these days. Her attitude is even can do...I don't think there is much she is not in charge of or organizing.

MojitoMaven. I am not a writer. In college, sure, but now not so much. Writing is not why I admire her (although she is a fabulous writer), she is fearless I tell you. She dreamed of creative writing. She not only has a fabulous novel on her site (check out SIBU), but has started creative writing classes.

Monogram Momma. Secretly I am convinced she is somehow related to Martha Stewart. I mean seriously, at 4pm she tweets what to cooke for dinner and at 6pm there is some 3 course masterpiece...and unlike me she didn't use her telephone. If I ever have a boy, you had better believe I will be calling/emailing nonstop.

The Lilly Blog. Trisha can always bring a smile to my face with a little pink and green. Will it solve all of my problems, no, but trust me after a long day at the hospital it can make you smile and that means a lot.

Kristin Pearce. Aside from the fact that I might single handedly make you have a higher yearly revenue than Tiffany's, you make me smile. You and I seem to have been on the same page as to how long it takes to launch a website and may have even had questions about the same things. I knew I couldn't wait to meet you when I first landed on your blog, and Grove Gal E and I had a blast meeting and talking with you at NSS. And I love that you made me feel less crazy for paying someone to straighten my hair, because you hate frizz and a hairdryer as much as I do.

And the last one is a little personal for me. Sippycups has always had an eye for home decor, party planning and well just fun in general. Recently she was brave enough to share with all of us that she has separated from her husband. As someone who was raised by a single mom, (love you Dad, but even you admit now that sometimes it takes men a little longer to grow up), and everyone can learn something from her post. I cannot imagine what she is going through, but I can say I think of her and know that as long as anyone follows their heart it will lead them in the right direction.

What happened you may ask fro me to write this. All I can say is perspective. I took a break from blogging and twitter when mother got sick. The time away made me realize their are blogs I read as part of my day and they mean something to me. I also think every one of you out there has something to give, I hope I do to. I also realize that, there are people with far more technology knowledge than I have that like to point fingers. I, along with Grove Gal E and Mr. Grove for that matter will tell you that I say what is on my mind. You might think it, I say it. I have been this way since my grandfather died suddenly one night...the night before we were supposed to leave for Hawaii. I never got to say goodbye. I was too focused on running out the door to see my friends before we left for two weeks. I would do anything to get a do over on that night. Since then I speak my mind, because well you never know. We all have our opinions, I for one think there is much more to life than wearing a brand new J.Crew outfit everyday, but I do admit that sometimes a new bag or shoes can make a crummy day a little less crummy. And while I am on the subject, did you know that J.Crew's Jenna Lyons got a $1 million bonus...and she doesn't even work for an investment must be the $400 shoes.

I am sure most of you have gone on to another site and have stopped reading by now, but if you are still here I would say that blog land might have changed, but I for one am going to make sure to say thank you to all of the blogs that I love. I keep seeing stores that I said I would always check out closed up and that could easily happen to blogs. So to the ones I have mentioned and the tons more I didn't, thank you for putting it out there with each and every post. Your words matter.


Kimba said...

Very very well put!!!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

That was a very sweet and insightful post. You are right, blogging is an outlet and I too have made so many friends. I might get ridiculed, but I don't care, there are more out there who mean more to me than that one miserable person.

The bags and shoes make my life a little happier. "Happies" I call them, but even more so, is the fact that I can discuss such "happies" with my blog friends.

I don't have many real-life friends. South Florida does not lend much help to young working families. So my blog has connected me with people like you.

I truly hope your mother is doing better, please update us if you have a chance. I have been praying for her as I know that is tough. I don't know her name, so I call her "grove gals mother with west nile." Take care!

Wendy said...

I could not have explained it any better. This past year has been a roller coaster for me, I would have been lost with out blogs that inspire, or let me escape comments that uplift my spirits. Blog land is filled with wonderful friends, great opinions and ideas to share.

kp said...

such a great post. hope you are having a great day!!!! xo

Sandra said...

I so love many of those blogs, too. I enjoyed this post and I always enjoying reading your blog! Have a great day. xoxo

Monogram Momma said...

I am a day late reading this post! I agree w/ you though, there are DEFINITELY shortcuts for life! So glad I can be one for you. You know you can reach me day or night, girlie! Thanks so much for the shout-out, you know I think you rock, too! XOXOXO

P.S. If you'll remember, the first pict you successfully uploaded to twitpic was your new Tj Maxx dog bed!

Beth Dunn said...

I know I have learned so much from other blogs but it is the community and support that keeps me coming back! xoxo


Lulu said...

I think this was an absolutely beautiful post! Thank you so much for taking the time to put these thoughts on paper (er, blog?) for us to read. Lovely. I really cannot wait to meet you in December!
Lulu @ The Dirty Martini Diaries

Mojito Maven said...

thank you friend, truly. This was so nice to read!

And I have to agree. There are many aspects of blogging that have worn me down but people like you remind me why I do it in the first place. I've met some amazing women and for that I am forever thankful.

Also, BIG HUGS about your mom!!! I hope she is feeling better!

Blog love! MM

Anonymous said...

I know I already told you how much I appreciated this post but I'm seeing that my comment didn't publish :( So let's try this again...

I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness & kind kind words. I read it to Kiks too, by the way. She was so touched and thanks you too.

I'm with MM that there have been days that I've considered shutting down my blog & then I remember all of the wonderful & amazing people, just like you, that I've met ONLY because of my little domain.

My thoughts and prayers to you & your family. Great bigs hugs from Seven Gables!

Miss Janice said...

Love your post. Do you know I still don't know how to center stuff on blogger...can't take photos and load them to twitter, have no clue how to do the tiny url thingys on twitter, and on and on! But, I still love connecting with like-minded people! Hope you mama is doing better!