Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Steps

Well that is what I hope my mother is taking by the end of the week. She released herself from the hospital late last week and checked into a rehab center to get her strength back. Only to prove that when you have been in the medical field for as long as my mother has, the rehab center, well she was the boss there too at one time. Her room sounds like a party and I have had no less than 5 people tell me that mom was the best boss they ever had and they miss her daily so I know she will be getting the best care. And by care I mean 5 hours of rehab a day. I never thought a good day would be my mom being able to stand for 10 minutes with assistance...this is a woman that up until 2 weeks ago saw 15-20 patients a day and walked 3-5miles daily rain or shine. And now she is trying to move her left leg, because of 1 little mosquito bite. Why people don't spray for mosquitos I will never understand, but I will get off my box.

I also wanted to thank the amazingly talented Marie at Paper Menu. Over the years we have become friends. I can always count on her for top of the line products, a listening ear and a prayer and feel truly blessed to call her my friend. SOmehow she remembered that I needed to approve my own invite order and got them out to me with an adorable nightgown for Mini K. Marie...I promise I proper thank you is coming your way, but I confess I am still behind. She also just finished a BEAUTIFUL, I mean flawless birth announcement for another friend and client. How cute is this...and yes I am talking about the baby and the announcement.

I mean this baby boy looks like the poster child for a classic southern baby. Am I wrong? This little cutie is going places!

Thank you for all of you who have emailed or left comments for me over the past couple of weeks. I am truly grateful for your prayers and they are working! We were told mother would be in the hospital for at least two weeks and in 7 days she is out. I might not be back everyday, but I promise I will be back on the blog train.

I need to start thinking of Halloween decor this week, so if you have any great ideas please help a sleep deprived lady out. Anyone else been to Target lately? It seems that I somehow have slept through Halloween and Thanksgiving, because the Christmas decor is out. I saw it and walked out the door. If I have learned one thing is that life is too precious to rush through. I plan on making many memories before Christmas!

Enjoy your week, because at the end you won't be thinking of the one errand you didn't have a chance to complete.


Elle said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom! But it's great to know that she's getting excellent care! Please keep us updated....

Imjustagirl said...

So glad things seem to be getting better. I was just thinking about y'all last night. Wondering how your mom was doing we will continue to to keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!! Love the baby announcement too!

Richey Job List said...


I bought super cute Martha Stewart window hanging spiders at Target last weekend. You should check them out.