Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Madness, and a Giveaway Too!

I promised myself I would get this post done today. Let's be honest my Monday Madness posts have been tardy at best lately. We have gone a little insane at the Grove this week..maybe it was the 10 straight days of rain, the 6 hours drive that turned into a 9+ hour drive yesterday, or the catty comments I directed at Wes, aka country superstar never gonna happen, on the Bachelorette tonight, or that I am so over the 24/7 coverage of Michael Jackson...I don't think I needed to know he was being buried without a brain... just being honest.

Regardless this week EVERYTHING is included in the Monday Madness....just enter code JULY15 for 15% OFF your ENTIRE PURCHASE. And in honor of Mr. Oxi Clean himself, Billy Mays, WAIT THERE IS MORE...anyone who makes a purchase this week on the website will be entered into a drawing for a giftbag of over $100 of fabulous fun. I have a picture of the giftbag, but unfortunately my camera cord to connect it to my laptop is in Mr. Grove's car so I will post it tomorrow, but here is a preview: a set of pink and green preppy playing cards in an acrylic holder, a preppy pink crab notepad and cards set, Lilly P. circle notes, a preppy key fob and so much more.

Here are some of our current favorites and what the Grove Gals are giving this summer...
I decided to embrace the 10 straight days of rain in downpour style with these Wellie Notepads...even my lengthy to-do list looks better on happy shade of green. At $38 for 2 notepads, they make a perfect gift for the summer babysitter that has made your weekly mani/pedi so much more pleasant.

Summer means engagements, weddings and new homes and this is my favorite go to gift! Perfect for serving cocktails and at 10" it can work in the office, the bar, or by the front door....I always think keys, change and mail somehow look organized if they are all IN something.

We have gone BPA FREE in the Grove and LOVE these stainless steel skinny and cubby bottles. The chubby ones also come with a sippy cup top. They have been big birthday and baby shower hits. A personal touch, for something you need everyday.

This is my favorite children's gift to give this summer...for a boy or a girl. You may not go to the pool everyday, but you can pretend you are eating poolside with this placemat...I wrap it in cellophane with a plastic sand shovel and some candy that reminds me of the beach...taffy, a giant lollipop, a bag of bright colored gumballs and a box of animal crackers and it is always the hit of the party.
I confess to having one of these on my bedside table and one in my office. The tear off sheets stay nice and organized until I need to take one with me to keep me on track. They are the BEST mother-in-law gift and perfect to add to a bag full of treats for your bridesmaids.

These are Mini K's current notecards. They have the perfect amount of writing space in my opinion. And we all know my opinion, pink and green is ALWAYS in style.
And last, but not least, the perfect hostess gift for those fabulous friends who invited you to their fabulous lake house, beach house or city house...a personalized paperweight or coaster set...we have a pattern or style for everyone.

There is one thing I keep in mind when gifting...a present is something special, not something you need. Yes, I know some of you will think in this economy, practical rules, but remember how let down you felt when you tore back the pretty paper to find...SOCKS or something just as boring when you were younger. Well if it wasn't fun then, it isn't fun now. So give the unexpected and have fun wrapping it up..that is half the fun.

It is now 12:01am, aka Tuesday, but at least I started the Monday post on Monday.

I am off to dreamland.


Kate said...

I LOVE the wellies! So cute.

Beth Dunn said...

Hope you had a good night sleep. Very cute stuff! xoxo

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

The wellie appre is so so cute! And those coasters are darling! Great idea for a hostess gift!