Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yellow Is Not My Favorite Color Today

My car, front porch and I am pretty sure the inside of my lungs are yellow today.  Not a pretty pale yellow, or a bright sunshine yellow, but a nasty, cottony (is that even a word?) POLLEN yellow.

Despite an allergy shot and meds, I am not winning the battle but come tomorrow my hose and I will be in full force and I am determined to win the war this year!

Until then, sweet dreams of the non_pollen variety!

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WorthyStyle said...

I agree, the red bud, oak trees, and pine trees are high right now (though last year they were MUCH higher). This year I am being proactive by hosing my car off with water every AM before leaving for work to keep the pollen levels down and out of my AC system. Maybe it will help you, too?