Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stick A Fork In It

This is NOT a recipe post.  Our dishwasher has been hungry for the past month...I am pretty sure it is on its last temper tantrum before it leaves us for dishwasher retirement home.  Unfortunately our forks have been the target its bad behavior!

So I know find myself on the search for new everyday flatware, or maybe an excuse to purchase new flatware.  If something sits still lon enough I will find a way to monogram it and my target is flatware.

I have found a few options and now I must decide.  If you have a set you love, and are willing to share, I would love some more choices.  Remember I have 2 minnies and am not looking for a service that I will need to hand wash!

This set from Ballard Designs has a vintage feel but is still casual, and there is always a coupon code for Ballard in Coastal or Southern Living.

I found this set on Ebay, a place I never would have thought to look for a set of new flatware.  I like the clean lines and classic block initial.

Believe it or not this 46 piece set is less than $60 with engraving!

Decisions, decisions....

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WorthyStyle said...

Even though they are quite similar, I like the Ballard Design set the most. I guess because of the shape at the very bottom of the handle? It is just really elegant and simple.