Friday, April 2, 2010

The Bedding Arrived...The Postman Can Go

I have been waiting for the postman to deliver our crib bedding all week. It shipped last Friday and needless to say I was fine until Wednesday...then the panic set in. It was shipped USPS priority mail, or as Mr. Grove calls it "slow boat to China in a red, white and blue box."

It finally arrived yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I did Mini K's nursery in what and green, so we obviously knew we would not be using her bedding for Mini #2. A boy in a pink and green nursery would not fly with Mr. G.

I found a great seller on etsy and designed a set that I like now even more than when I ordered it. I was so excited to put it on the crib. Obviously we are still missing one thing: a crib sheet so consider these photos a work in progress.

The nursery also has a twin bed and I had a decorator friend make a european sham and had the amazingly talented Debbie at Whyte House Monograms, well monogram it! The result..a perfect match!

Clearly, while I left the pink for Mini K, the lime green can do no wrong.

I promise to post the final photos once I finish the nursery.


mFw said...

That is just adorable! Happy Easter!

Imjustagirl said...

Love the bedding it looks great!!

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Preppy Napkin said...

great choice!!!