Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Back

It's September 1st!  After an almost 6 month break I am back to blogging!  Back in March I felt overwhelmed.  There just weren't enough hours in the day and by the time I sat down to write my mind was blank.

After all of this time I have missed it.  I have missed reading comments, talking about new products and reading other blogs.   I have been on instagram, but sometimes a blog is more than a picture so here I am.  A lot has changed both personally and with the Grove.  Both of my kiddos are starting at new schools, a brand new school for Mini K and a new building for C.  Mini K got braces and we are trading summer sports for fall ones with tennis and swim team coming along for the year round fun!

The Grove has changed and will be changing some more.  We will now offer non-personalized products and have been so busy with corporate and what I like to call working mom gifting.  I might need to trademark working mom gifting!  It's that luxurious 1-3 a.m. email that lists out all of the gifts they need for the next 2 months and how much they want to spend on them...the best part is we answer by 9am because this working mom household survives on Crossfit and my Keurig.

Labor Day to me always feels like a starting line.  I have spent this evening packing up my white jeans (total rule follower) and downloading our Christmas card photos.  I have spent the last few days making lists and plans for the things I want to do, write or tackle over the next month.  I love technology, but at heart I am a list girl and month by month to do lists are what keep me going.  I have given myself a goal of blogging 4 times a week and I hope you will follow along and tell your friends.

I also wanted to share a little something with you!  From today until September 15th ALL of our holiday cards are 35% off!  This is our biggest discount on photo cards so if you have your photo ready, order now and cross them off your list!  Our cards that allow you to attach your own photo are also on sale!  You can see all of the designs HERE.

This year we are offering postcards as some of our new designs.  I am hoping this allows people who cut their list down because of postage costs to be able to send to all of their friends and save money too!  My favorite postcard is this one:

I hope everyone had a great summer and I promise I won't disappear anymore!

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